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We will return shortly

Here is the thing, I thought I could maintain two blogs right now.  However, with both of us in grad school and Miss Lucy being a tad challening, we will return in May–promise.  I just need to graduate before I get to writing restaurant reviews!!!


Groveland Tap $$

We recently went to the Groveland Tap for the first time.  The restaurant is located at the corner of St. Clair and Fairview in St. Paul.  It is basically a burger place with a few other sandwiches on the menu.  It was happy hour so we got a basket of fries and a basket of fried pickles, and I (Jennie) got a guacamole burger.

Taste (25/40 points): The fried pickles were very good.  They were pickle spears which was a little different from what I have tried before.  The fries tasted a little like pickles to me; I am sure they were fried together.  The faint taste of pickles on the fries really bothered me, and I only ate a few.  The burger was pretty good, though in my opinion it needed a tomato and maybe peppers.  There are much better burgers in the cities though.

Taste (32/40 points): I thought the fried pickles were fantastic as well. Except that our server forgot to tell us that they would actually be searing hot and destroy any taste buds we were expecting to use with our meal. Once they cooled off enough to not to burn our faces off they were great. The fries, as Jennie said, had a slight pickle taste. I didn’t care as much as she did because I love french fries so much, so I ate a lot of them. My burger – pretty standard burger fare. I had a Western Burger (think BBQ sauce and bacon) which was good, but as Jennie said, there are other burgers out there that are better.

Service (20/20 points): Our server was wonderful.  She was attentive and friendly.  Our food arrived quickly, our drinks never empty, and she really liked our baby which doesn’t hurt anything.

Service (20/20 points): No complaints here either.

Atmosphere (15/20 points): It is a bar atmosphere which works for the type of place it is.

Atmosphere (17/20 points): I like the bar feels. It’s got that neighborhood grill/bar vibe which I really like. Some burger places really fail to pull that off, but when you’re at Groverland Tap, you really feel like you’re in the neighborhood. I really can’t complain that they had the NCAA Men’s basketball tourny on as well.

Price (12/20 points): We hit happy hour which was nice, but it was still about $25 before tip.  I thought it was just a little overpriced for what it was.

Price (16/20 points): I thought it was pretty fair for what we got. Nonetheless, had it not been happy hour, it probably would have been a little overboard on price.

Total points for Jennie: 72/100

Total points for Alec: 85/100

Average score between us: 78.5/100